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Vincent in his studio

Vincent in his studio

Vincent is a self taught painter. Through much reading and studying on his own he has reached the ability to paint those things which interests him. He started out as a seascape artist which was  his first  interest. Living and showing  in the Midwest however seascapes were not as popular as the old barns and houses he was soon painting. A year or so before he took early retirement from his engineering position with McDonnell Aircraft he began to paint Carousels. These were well received by his following and just before retirement the horses began to slip off.  The birth of his Fantasy era. Soon he was painting Dragons and Unicorns and then Fairies and Mermaids.  And that is where you find him today. He still paints Seascapes and  Lighthouses and even an old barn or house but the Fantasy dominates his work at present.  Who knows where he might go from there.

He has been painting for over thirty years and showing his work for most of those years. His work is in most of the United States and several other countries.  He paints for the enjoyment of others not for recognition of judges. If you should purchase one of his works or a print he wants you to enjoy it as much as he enjoyed painting it.